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Instant Boiling Water Tps

At theWrightBuy we also stock other small appliances for in the kitchen and home. Perfect for gifts, or just for treating yourself, we have everything you need for a modern kitchen.

Insinkerator and Franke are two of the leading manufacturers of Instant Hot Water Taps. The innovative kitchen appliances allow you to get instant boiling water from one integrated tap. Increasing efficiency in the kitchen, cutting down on electricity costs and saves space with compact designs.

Instant Boiling Hot Water Taps are fast becoming one of the most popular and useful kitchen gadgets on the market and once you've had one, you'll never want to live without one again.

Saving Time: The main advantage of an Instant Hot Tap is the time you'll save, not having to wait around for a kettle to boil, however you'll also save space on your kitchen worktop thanks to not needing a kettle.

Stylish Designs: Even though the technology is relatively new, thanks to the large range of styles, you won't have any difficulty in finding a suitable tap for your kitchen, whether you live in a modern city apartment or have a traditional country home.

Safety features: Compared to a kettle full of boiling water, Boiling water taps are also relatively safe as you don't have any cables or other hazards on the counter top. They also feature added safety measures such as release mechanisms.

Energy Saving: Although all taps are slightly different, if you regularly use your kettle, it actually works out cheaper to run an instant boiling water tap.

boiling water taps

Instant Hot Tap Brands

Insinkerator Hot TapsInsinkerator Near Boiling Taps 

Insinkerator Taps are affordable and popular, they also come in a variety of styles and colours.


Franke Boiling water tapsFranke Boiling Water Taps

 Swiss Quality products and the very best technology, Franke Instant Water Taps have large tanks and produce boiling water.

Montpellier onestream Boiling water tapsMontpellier OneStream Instant Hot Taps

 Montpellier Instant Hot Taps are Budget Friendly but also come with a 2 year parts & labour warranty for peace of mind.

Boiling Taps

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