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Ceramic & Induction Hobs


What type of Hob do you need?

ceramic hobsCeramic Hobs

Ceramic Hobs are incredibly popular because they are really easy to clean, work with any pans and all you need is an electrical connection - something every household has.
Ceramic hobs come in a variety of sizes, zone layouts and you can choose between simple twist and go knob controls or easy-clean touch controls that offer fantastic features like timers so you don't burn your food.


induction hobsInduction Hobs

Choosing between Gas and Electric used to mean a big compromise in either speed or cleaning. Induction hobs on the other hand heat up your pans as quickly as gas, but still have a flat ceramic glass surface that you can simply wipe clean.
Induction hobs work using the power of induction to magnetically react with your Iron based pans, so the pan itself heats up instead of an element and the glass. This saves time and energy and means that the glass only gets hot when you cook for a long time.
If you have never had an induction hob before, make sure your pans are induction compatible and that you have enough clearance as induction hobs need ventilation.

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