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Cooker Hoods

Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods give the finishing touch to any kitchen. They help eliminate any unwanted smells and odours from the kitchen by drawing up the air from your cooker hob as well as steam and smoke to prevent damp and staining.

Cooker hoods also have grease filters which absorb grease from the air and help to reduce the build up of sticky grime on your kitchen appliances and units - if you love frying and stir-frying this is essential! To get the most out of your extractor fan, make sure that the width of the cooker hood is at least as big as the width of the cooker it is covering.


Choose the right Extractor fan

unbranded cooker hoodsWall Mounted Chimney Cooker Hoods

These popular extractor fans come in a range of colours, sizes and styles and get attached to the wall in your kitchen above your Hob or Cooker.
The Chimney section extends to your ceiling and is normally where you hide the electrical cable and the ducting kit or flue.


island cooker hoodsCeiling Mounted Island Cooker Hoods

These extractor fans make fantastic centre-pieces above an Island in your kitchen and get mounted to your ceiling.
Before ordering, always make sure your ceiling is tall and strong enough as Island Cooker Hoods tend to be quite big.

standard traditional visor cooker hoodsStandard Visor Cooker Hoods

Quick and easy to install, our range of visor cooker hoods are plain, reliable and practical.
These standard extractor fans traditionally come in a black, stainless steel or white finish and they tend to be either 50cm or 60cm wide.
Visor Cooker Hoods can be mounted directly on the wall itself or underneath a cupboard.

downdraft extractor fansDowndraft Extractor Fans

Incredibly stylish and ideal for a modern, premium kitchen, downdraft extractor fans look great and take your kitchen to the next level.
At the touch of the controls, downdraft extractors gently rise up and starting channeling smoke and smells from cooking down into the fan hidden below your work top.


canopy cooker hoodsCanopy Cooker Hoods

Canopy Extractor Fans get fitted above your hob into a cupboard or fireplace so that you only see the underside of the hood.
We have a great selection of different sizes from 52cm to 90cm wide and because the motor is hidden in your furniture, canopy hoods are very discreet.

integrated cooker hoodsIntegrated Cooker Hoods

You place a matching cupboard door on the front on an integrated cooker hood that pulls open when you need to use it.

Why should you get a Cooker Hood?


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