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Choose from a modern or traditional cooker to suit your kitchen, lifestyle and family. Wher you are after a gas, electric or dual fuel cooker, you'll find one to suit you, your style and your budget at theWrightBuy.


Freestanding Cookers & Range Cookers

cheap range cookersRange Cookers

Range Cookers are freestanding, all in one Cookers that feature one of more ovens and a hob.
They tend to be 90cm wide or larger and can be all gas, all electric or a combination of the two called "dual fuel"
Because range cookers because the focal point of your kitchen, both in terms of looks and in terms of cooking, it's important to get this one right. 
Check out our range of Range Cookers in different styles, fuels and sizes.


freestanding cookersFreestanding Cookers

Freestanding cookers are the easier way to put an oven and hob in a kitchen, making them very popular with developers.
If you have a gap in your kitchen, a Freestanding cooker is probably the easier way to get cooking again.

What are Cookers?


  • Cookers are basically a free standing kitchen appliance that incorporates one or more ovens with a grill and a hob.
  • Our cookers come in a massive range of styles - from traditional cookers that give a cosy country feel to any kitchen to ultra modern cookers with digital displays and high-tech features for modern kitchens and everything in between.
  • Our Cookers come in black, red, cream, silver and stainless steel - giving you plenty to choose from so that your cooker complements your kitchen.
  • Cookers can be electric, gas or dual fuel which normally means all the benefits such as reliability and technology in an electric oven and a gas hob - the instrument of choice for people serious about cooking.
  • Different sizes suit different needs so look out for a range of cookers in different sizes and capacities, such as the number of ovens and the number of hob zones.

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