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Why waste time on doing the dishes when you can get a kitchen appliance to do it for you? From flexible freestanding designs to discreet integrated styles, there is something for everyons kitchen and budget. Save time clearing up with sparkling clean dishes straight from the machines.


Find the right Dishwasher for you!

freestanding dishwashersFreestanding Dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers are usually either 60cm wide or 45cm wide, in which case they are referred to as slimline dishwashers.
When a Dishwasher is freestanding, it comes with a door already on the front and you don't need to stick a cupboard door on the front.
Check out our range of plumb in and go dishwashers - no calibrating or fitting a matching door.

fully integrated dishwashersFully Integrated Dishwashers

Fully integrated dishwashers can also be full width (60cm) or slimline (45cm). They also go under your kitchen counter, however you attach a full height cupboard door on the front of the door it comes with so that when closed, the dishwasher looks like another cupboard, creating the popular built-in look.
Some fully integrated models now come with a light indicator that shines on your kitchen floor to tell you when the dishwasher is finished. The controls are exposed when you open the dishwasher.


semi integrated dishwashersSemi Integrated Dishwashers

A Semi integrated dishwasher simply means you place your own cupboard door on lower part of the dishwasher, leaving the control panel exposed.
Many people still have semi-integrated dishwashers, so if you are looking to replace your dishwasher and only have a semi-integrated dishwasher door panel and can't get hold of a full height door to match your cupboards, you will need to buy a semi-integrated dishwasher.

fisher paykel dishdrawers cheapestFisher & Paykel Dishdrawers

Fisher and Paykel are the leaders when it comes to the dishdrawer.
Instead of a door the opens down, Dishdrawers are drawers that contain a dishwasher. This can make it easier to load and gives your kitchen the wow factor.
We sell a variety of shapes including single and double dishdrawers.

Buy and Compare Dishwashers on the Wright Buy

Gone are the days of washing everything by hand. If you don't have a dishwasher, here are several reasons why they will change your life:


  • Time: The last thing anyone wants to do after a meal is soak, wash and dry the dishes. Every single spoon takes time and effort and the larger your household the longer it takes. With a dishwasher you can quickly fill many place settings worth of cutlery, bowls, plates and more - and thats it. Let yourappliance do what it was designed to do: make life easier! Dishwashers can soak, clean and dry automatically giving you more time to read that book or spend time with your loved ones.
  • Space: Space? Surely having a large kitchen appliance will take up more space than simply not having one? The space you free up is on your counter, in your sink and on your drying rack. By using a dishwasher, you can hide all that unsightly mess and simply empty rows of neatly stacked clean and bone dry place settings. You can even hide built-in dishwashers behind your kitchen units.
  • Hygiene: Thanks to innovative technology and powerful kitchen appliances your dishes are cleaned and dried to a very high standard - look out for cleaning and drying performance ratings on our products or call for details. 


When deciding whether to buy a dishwasher or not ask yourself "how much time would I save a day?" - imagine this is only 15 minutes - thats still 91 hours a year!


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