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Range Cookers

Range Cookers

Range cookers are the centre piece of any kitchen, with large capacities they are perfect for larger families or if you are a keen cook. With gas electric and dual fuel styles available, there is something to suit everyone style and budget.

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  • First of all, a range cooker is a cooker that is typically 70cm or wider and hence they have a much larger capacity than standard cookers. When looking for a range cooker, first of all work out how wide you can go and then find the best combination of hob and oven size to suit your needs.
  • Because range cookers are wider they tend to have more hob zones and some of ours even have 8 burners. Obviously 8 burners might be too much for the average household but 5 - 6 burners definitely make life easier than the traditional 4 if you use your kitchen a lot.
  • Ovens - again due to its size a range cooker can accommodate 1 massive oven suitable for the largest turkey or several medium to large ovens often with different features such as one fan assisted oven that spreads heat quickly and evenly around and one conventional convection oven where heat rises to the top of the oven allowing you to simultaneously cook different foods at different levels.
  • Range cookers can be gas powered, electric or dual fuel cookers which in most cases basically combines electric ovens with gas hobs for a truly professional kitchen appliance.
  • As they are so large, Range cookers become an important feature of your kitchen and our range gives you a big choice in colour and style to match your own style whether traditional, industrial or sleek.
  • Looks can be deceiving - some of the more traditional cookers come packed with useful features such as programmable timers and catalytic liners. If you have any questions regarding Range Cookers feel free to send us an email or give us a bell.

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