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Semi Integrated Dishwashers

What are Semi Integrated Dishwashers?

  • Semi-Integrated means that your dishwasher is built in, but not completely hidden behind your unit door. With most semi-integrated dishwashers the dishwasher door is fitted with a door that matches your kitchen units leaving the control panel and display exposed. Having a semi integrated dishwasher means you can keep an eye on the progress of your wash where as with a non semi integrated built-in kitchen appliance the whole unit sits behind a door.
  • In terms of performance, these dishwashers are exactly the same as theirsemi integrated dishwashers counterparts, its more a question of personal preference as to whether you want the control panel exposed or not, if you have bought the best dishwasher then perhaps you do not want to hide it away behind a plain unit door. 
  • We have a selection of high quality expensive or cheap dishwashers available. 

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