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Single Ovens

Single Ovens

Browse our range of sleek and stylish built-in ovens. Available in both single and double oven styles, the beautiful, modern designs are sure to become the perfect companion in any home.

Single ovens are great for small spaces or kitchens or for smaller families where the extra room is not required. Whether you are after a traditional simple design, or a modern appliance fitted with impressive features and technology.


Do you need an Electric or Gas Oven?

electric single ovens

Electric Single Ovens


gas ovens

Gas Single Ovens

Single Ovens - what to look out for

  • Make sure you get a single oven that a) meets your capacity needs (not all ovens will roast a flitch of bacon) and b) has the dimensions you need to be built in.
  • Get an oven that is compatible with the fuel you have - i.e. Gas or Electric
  • Some ovens are packed full of modern features and are fully programmable - these are designed to make your life easier, however if you know what you like and you don't like technology then keep it simple with a more traditional single oven. 
  • Energy Ratings - if you're going to use your oven every day then it may be worth spending that little bit more for an energy efficient oven to save money on your bills and protect the environment.

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